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Ankle Arthroscopy

If you’re dealing with chronic pain due to ankle arthritis, loose cartilage, ankle instability, or some other ankle issue, ankle arthroscopy can be the ideal solution for both diagnosis and treatment. Your expert podiatrist at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ohio in Mentor, Chardon, Westlake, Lakewood and Garfield Heights, Ohio, can perform this minimally invasive outpatient procedure to help you regain full strength and function in your ankle. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Ankle Arthroscopy Q & A

What is an ankle arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which your podiatrist looks inside your joints to determine the source of your ankle pain. Additionally, ankle arthroscopy can be a treatment for a variety of ankle instability and pain problems, including:

  • Synovitis – inflammation within the membrane lining your ankle joints
  • Osteochondral lesion – a small fracture of the cartilage atop the talus bone in your ankle
  • Arthrofibrosis – scar-tissue buildup around ankle joints
  • Cartilage repair
  • Removal of dead or loose cartilage
  • Arthritis


Ankle arthroscopy is often an excellent solution for serious ankle pain because it’s minimally invasive surgery and because it can offer a permanent fix for your ankle problems.

How does ankle arthroscopy work?

During ankle arthroscopy, your podiatrist makes a tiny incision to insert a miniature camera, the arthroscope. The camera sends live images of your ankle joint to a high-definition video monitor nearby. Your podiatrist studies the images and moves the arthroscope if needed to get any information they need for diagnosis and to plan your treatment.

If you have ankle arthroscopy as a treatment, your podiatrist will make other small incisions to insert the necessary surgical tools. Your podiatrist flushes the surgical area as needed, and then removes any extra fluid, cartilage, or other tissue with a small suction tool.

What is recovery after ankle arthroscopy like?

Recovery can vary depending on whether you had an exploratory ankle arthroscopy purely to make a diagnosis or an ankle arthroscopy to make surgical corrections. You’ll probably need a few days of rest after ankle arthroscopy.

During early recovery, you can expect some swelling around your incisions and you could feel some discomfort. Your podiatrist can prescribe medication to help with this. Elevate your leg above your heart to help relieve swelling and discomfort.

If you had cartilage or other tissue removed during the arthroscopy, you might need to wear a cast or boot while you recover, and your podiatrist could also recommend physical therapy to help you regain full ankle strength.

Most patients need as little as a few days off work after an ankle arthroscopy, but your podiatrist can recommend what’s best for you.

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