July 27, 2017

You did surgery on my left foot last October and I just wanted to give you (and Dr. Goulash) an update. Nine months after the surgery I am doing great!!!!!! I just returned from a three week trip to Europe and I walked an average of about 25,000 steps per day - walking on concrete and standing in museums. I had such a great time and my foot never gave me any problems.

Last year at this time I was not sure I would ever enjoy a trip like this again. I could hardly walk my dog, let alone think about going on a walking-intensive trip. I am back on the elliptical (I have chosen not to run anymore) and all other normal workout routines. I feel great.

I know that I will need some work on my right foot in about a year - bunion - and I will be back to see you. Thanks so much for restoring me to my normal level of activity and giving me hope for the future.

Deb G.

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